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Mount Tooty
Deep in the Tooty forests of Cokorox lies a hidden entrance to an undiscovered mountain top. For many years, the dark, mysterious mountain and the surrounding forest have been avoided by the townspeople. Folklore of a guardian creature settled in the area, protecting unimaginable gems and treasure. So the people said...

These stories plagued the nearby town for many years until finally a brave group of explorers decided to find the secret passage through the forest, into Mount Tooty. These records you are about to read are whats left of the expedition, no words have been tampered with. If for any reason you feel you have information about their whereabouts and care to share, please notify the local Tooty Poolice Department (Office Hrs. 1AM-1:25AM)

Dana's Diary - Explorer's Alamanactionary #1 (Home - 11:34PM)
-Ever since yesterday... I have always been dreaming of becoming the hero who unlocked the mysteries of Mount Tooty. Its been far too long for the Town of Tooty to ignore this defiance! I hate how the mountain just sits outside my window looking at me... do mountains do that? who cares. As my first entry in my journal, AKA my coloring book that I am now writing over... I would like to pledge that I will assemble the greatest trek and show this guardian who's boss, I mean employee. This concludes this entry, good night.

Dana's Diary - Explorer's Alamanactionary #2 (Home - 11:42PM)

I can't sleep...

Dana's Diary - Explorer's Alamanactionary #32 (The Grub Pub - uuhhAM)
I have finally assembled the best team! After years of searching and talking to professionals, these random people I found on the streets show surprising confusing and determination, just the way I like it! DO NOT FEAR~! We are well qualified for this cake walk. Their will be cake in a mountain called Tooty right?

PS: remind Trevor & Crevor to remind me about that one thing

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