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-Welcome to Cokorox, Please and be a part of our community!-

Site under construction!

The site is going be awesome, but we are still fixing some nook and crannies. For now, please continue supporting and visiting for updates :D Feel free to chat, leave a message, or look around the "construction site". Suggestions and constructive criticism is also appreciated!

Dear Copyright Pencil-necks that might snoop onto here,
*I do not own the music, nor do I intend on profiting from them


Hello [Insert your name here],

Thanks for visiting Cokorox! This site is not complete yet, but with you joining us, it can sure go a long way! Have fun here, look around, chat with others, or try to make a face like that bear on the logo! If you were personally referred to this site, then cool you know exactly who I am! If not, feel free to read the "About Cokorox Page"

-Adding new Web-Novel
-Making changes to the forum
-Playing with source codes

More updates to come :D
Category: Site Updates | Views: 4385 | Added by: Chuuster | Date: 26/Aug/2011 | Comments (1)

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