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Main » 2011 » December » 30 » 12/30/11 - Necro post lol!
1:05 AM
12/30/11 - Necro post lol!
Dec 30, 2011 - approx 12AM

Necro post, lol!

  2nd week into my brief winter break and it's final happening! Annual pass + Disneyland + ??? = holy explosion of intense epicness! Next Monday, with my best friend Yaddi and my brother!

Its been forever since I blogged, which is very sad since this is just the 3rd entry, but whatever, I guess I should update on what happened... Well during Fall 2011 I had 4 courses: English 68, Math 81, Psych 1A, and Soc 1. Everyday waking up at 5:30 to get to the bus at 6:10, for classes at 7AM was killer, thank god I had good professors! I met a lot of cool people, joined the psych club and got the position of webmaster! YeeeaUH! and really did a lot of things I never would have expected doing.... no nothing bad, hahaha! For the most part I would be in school wandering around waiting for the psych club to start, which was at 6PM
(my latest class was over at 12...) or I would be hanging out at Super Arcade with Andre, Yaddi, Eddie, and co. So college wasn't much of a shell shock since my previous summer session gave me a bit of morphine. I honestly never would have guessed that I'd make such good friends and go on all those adventures together! The Super Arcade crew and I would go play basketball on Thursdays, hangout, go to Venice beach, LA, etc.

This entire holiday week I was sick however and that really killed my festive activities, not that I had any. On Christmas Eve, Dad took us to a korean shabu shabu wear we pigged out in both miso and tomato soups, it was fantastic! I haven't been doing anything productive at all and I'm starting to feel like shit, something in me just can't wait til winter session starts!
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