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Chapter 1 - Myrtaceae's Haunted Mascot
Chapter 1

-Approx. 2AM / Myrtaceae University West-Wing Dormitory-

"Quiet, and Eerie... never have our dormitories been this silent. Usually the sounds of annoying frat boys echo through the halls. Random shrieks of laughter with a quick shush or someone typing their papers last minute. Possibly because winter break is about to start and everyone is just anxious to go back home. Wait, that makes no sense...wouldn't they be-

Whoa, just heard a laugh outside my room, wonder if it the frat boys next door are playing a prank again! Best to ignore it, or I'd just get caught up in the fuss again, well I better go to bed.

- Rogers"

-3 years later / Myrtaceae University Orientation-

"4 years of high school, and I end up in this mess", Travis thought to himself as he starred at the main entrance examining every little detail. Stone columns with a hint of aging, a huge sign with "Myrtaceae University" on the arch. It was definitely beckoning the students into its winding walkways ahead. "Me-er-ta-ka..uhm... Wow, would would name a school after a word document mishap?"
Category: Grayver Detective Agency | Added by: Chuuster (26/Aug/2011)
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Travis Grayver, an amateur detective from college dives into the world of mystery and murder in this web-novel. Journey into the dark depths of the human psyche in this epic story.
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